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Your Dedicated Family Property Agent

Values not only your immediate interest
also long-term relationship



Reviews with photographic and documentary support

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It was a pleasure to have Louis Leow as our HDB selling agent. As a first time flat seller, Louis ensure that we understand the process entirely. Louis has been patient throughout, sharing knowledge of his expertise

Alan & Gina

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A very responsive and genuine agent, Louis takes pride in his work and will do his best to make sure everything goes smoothly. He is very experienced and will gives his best suggestions in all areas of the transaction, and always follow up to make sure...

Calvin Chu

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Well versed with property market, provides good advise & suggestions and prompt follows replies. Some of many other good qualities of Louis. Fully confident to recommend Louis to everyone whose looking to buy/sell your property. Thank you...


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15% Off All Items

15% Off All Items

15% Off All Items

Louis Leow vs 1% comm online real estate company


All the reviews come with pictures & can be verified with transaction documents.
NO 'Brought Reviews',
NO newbie agent will be assigned as all the reviews are for
Louis Leow ONLY.

Louis Leow



1% comm agency

Commission/ Salary Base

I won’t get a single dollar  unless I successfully sell the  property at the price you  desire, but salary base agents continue to receive their salaries regardless of whether the house is sold or not, what they concern is the review.




Louis Leow

[100% commission based]

1% comm agency

[Salary based]

Agent & Agency

Majority of online real estate companies are relatively new, being established within the last 5 years, and typically have fewer than 20 agents. In contrast, I have been actively involved in this business for over 12 years and have achieved the prestigious status of being a top 5% winning awarded agent within ERA, a listed real estate company with nearly 9000 agents.


Louis Leow



1% comm agency


Many 1% comm agency's agents who primarily rely on virtual viewing. I prioritise physical property viewing for closing with support of a video tour to draw buyers interest.


Louis Leow



1% comm agency


I keep long term relationships with clients. It’s common for them to return to me after years for their next house. While 1% comm agency tends to make deals fast, costless and easy, in order to profit by sacrificing the client’s interest.




Louis Leow

1% comm agency


1% comm agency charge 1%~1.75% depend on your property type. Low comm might result in cut advertising cost and lead to fewer or no offers. In my case, I can offer a flexible comm structure based on selling price along with additional services such as waiving charges for buying.




Louis Leow

1% comm agency

Why choose me?

Sold Above Valuation for Condominium

Full Sea View 3 Bedder at Ripple Bay Blk 10 sold above valuation on August 2021!

Sold in 1 Viewing

3 Bedder condo at Flo Residences sold in 1 Viewing on October 2021!

Sold Within A Week

3-room HDB at Blk 691 Hougang St 61 sold within a week on Jul 2021!

Sold With 25K COV for a 3-room HDB Flat

Sold with 25K COV for a 3-room flat at Blk 407 Tampines, which selling price only at $315k, equal to almost 8% of the selling price!

Sold at Record Price in 1 Viewing

S$38,888 higher than the record price, the highest price with one viewing on October 2021!

Sold $300K Higher Than Direct Neighbour

Sold this 7-bedder Semi-D at $300k higher than the next house attached to this during 'buyer market'!

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CEA Register No: R040979D

License No: L3002382K

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Louis Leow Singapore 

Senior Marketing Director

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