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1. Rules on CPF Usage (Updated 10 May 2019) 

2. Seller at/ above 55 years old. What will be the different if I sold my house at 55 years old or older? 
3. Use of CPF for 2nd / subsequent properties - For Private Residential

Rules on CPF

Rules on CPF (updated 10 May 2019)

Use of CPF for property purchase (Private & HDB)

Youngest Buyer Age + Remaining Lease of Property
MORE than 95 years

Use of CPF: 100% of Valuation Limit *

Youngest Buyer Age + Remaining Lease of Property
LESS than 95 years

Use of CPF: Pro-rated of Valuation Limit *

Use CPF Calculator to determine your eligibility and the maximum amount of CPF you can use

* CPF savings will not be granted to fund the purchase of property if the remaining lease at the point of purchase^ is 20 years or less.

^ For HDB flat, refers to the flat application date. For EC or private properties, refers to the Option to Purchase or Sale & Purchase Agreement exercised date. 

Seller 55 yo

Seller at / above 55 years old

For seller who sold a property at age 55/ above, the only different is the CPF. There are 2 types of cash you will get from: -
Cash Proceed from sale of property & Refunded Cash from CPF.

Cash Proceed from Sale of Property (if any)

Selling price minus outstanding loanminus total used CPF + interest that used for the sold property. 
The total will be the cash you will get after selling your property.

Cash Proceed from Sale of Property (if any)


Property Sold Price


Outstanding Loan


Used CPF + interest

Refunded cash from CPF (if any)

Used CPF + interest that used for the property minus retirement shortfall, minus property pledge will be the cash that CPF will refund to you. 

Refunded Cash from CPF (if any)


Used CPF + interest


Retirement Shortfall


Property Pledge

Total CASH you will get from selling a property  = Cash Proceed + Cash refunded by CPF

To purchase next house after selling, your CPF can be use for next purchase will be your current ordinary account (OA) + property pledge

Budget for next house = Cash + CPF + Loan

cpf for 2nd/sub property

Use of CPF for 2nd / subsequent properties 

Scenario 1:
When your Special Account (SA) is less than half of minimum sum*:
CPF can be use = OA - [ (Minimum sum / 2) - SA ]

Scenario 2:
When your Special Account (SA) is more than half of minimum sum*: 
You can use all the money is your Ordinary Account (OA) for your 2nd / subsequent properties.


* For buyer below 55 years old, minimum sum for Year 2018 is $171,000.
* For buyer 55 years old or above, minimum sum refer to the year when the buyer reach 55 years old. 


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