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Connecting Dots

Let AI Boots Your House Value

The best strategy to sell your home in 2024

The 1st 
AI Property Agent

Louis Leow

Over 13 years experience

Transacted more than 600 properties 

ERA TOP 5% Achievers

Reviews with photographic and documentary support

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The Power of AI Marketing
x 20 times exposure

AI automated creating and reposting listings can increase exposure up to 20 times more than traditional agents who normally post ads manually on just 1 to 3 websites.

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Client Review: Blk 606B Tampines St 61
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Client Review: 257 Tampines Steet 21
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Client Review: Blk 631 Pasir Ris Drive 3
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AI Picture & Video Enhance

Present your home to buyers in its best condition and full potential by using AI-enhanced photos & video in the online advertisement, even before tidying it up.

AI Targeted Advertising

AI can identify the ideal buyers for your property, ensuring targeted listings. It optimises ad placements by determining the best times, platforms, and audiences.


Improved Negotiation Power

AI equips agent with market data to negotiate the best possible price for your property


The Human Touch Still Matters!

While AI is a powerful tool, there's no substitute for an experienced property agent's knowledge of the local market and negotiation skills. A good property agent will use AI to their advantage, but will also bring their personal touch to ensure a smooth and successful sale.

Feel free to ask Louis anything with No Obligation. 

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