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Should you put your money in Singapore Property or Stocks in 2024?

In 2023, both Singapore property and the stock market did very well. But we're not sure about 2024.

The market thinks that the US Federal Reserve will lower interest rates 5 to 6 times in 2024, which could be good for both Singapore property and global stocks.Stocks might do well if the US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates as expected, especially since it's an election year. On the other hand, the property market in Singapore might slow down due to more new properties supply in both HDB and private.(check my predictions or previous articles for details - Singapore 2025 Property Market Forecast).

If you want my advice, start by thinking about property, especially if you haven't owned an investment property before. It's common in Singapore to own a home for yourself and another property for both you and your spouse – that's a good way to build wealth.

After that, if you still have extra money, you could think about investing in stocks. Even though the stock market might do better than the Singapore property market this year, there are a lot of uncertainties like political conflicts, wars, and climate changes.

Investing in property might be a safer bet, and you won't need as much luck.

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