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One of the Highest Interest Saving Account - GXS

Today I am sharing a topic is not a property related – GXS Digital Bank pay 3.48% interest, hope that cover some of your increased monthly instalment 😊

GXS – Digital bank from Grab & Singtel is offering:

  • 3.48% interest on up to $75,000

  • NO minimum balance, NO lockup period and NO condition attached

  • Fully insured by SDIC (up to $75,000)

  • It’s NOT fixed deposit NOR Bond, just a normal saving account with higher interest rate, transfer money in & out anytime

Is that $3.48% high? Let’s compare:

  • Other Digital Bank – Trust 2.5% , Singlife 1.4%~2% & up to 3.5% with condition

  • Singapore Saving Bond 2.99%

  • T-Bill 3.85%

  • Fixed Deposit 2.9%~3.88%

  • CPF OA 2.5% / SA & MA 4%

  • DBS Fixed Home loan 3.75%

Comparing GXS with other digital banks, it becomes evident that GXS offers the most favorable base interest, surpassing even Singapore Savings Bonds and CPF OA rates. Although T-Bill offers a 0.37% higher interest rate, it requires a 6-month lock-in period, much like fixed deposits that come with various lock-in durations (ranging from 1 to 24 months) and generally offer interest rates of 3.5% or lower. However, if you possess $50k or more, Citibank may grant you 3.58% interest, and with $250k or more and a 3-month lock-in, you could earn 3.88%.

Despite GXS's interest rates being lower than DBS's fixed home loan rates, those with lower-rate mortgages might contemplate shifting their funds to GXS rather than paying off the loans.

Even if your current home loan rate is higher than 3.48%, you can still consider depositing funds into this account, as it can serve as emergency fund at a much low cost compare to other type of loan.

In short, GXS presents a convenient and risk-free way to achieve high interest rates without any stringent conditions.

Cons? You have to do it over the mobile app only but not thru the physical bank counter and also the bank can change the rate anytime they want.

Important Tips: After you create your “Main Account” with GXS Bank, you then need to create a sub-“Saving Pocket” and transfer your money in there to earn the higher 3.48% interest.

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